Sunday, November 6, 2011

मिद्दले East

"अफ़्रीकां बॉय"

"अरब बॉय"

"अरब गर्ल"

"इंडियन बॉय"

"सौक वाकिफ"

"डार्क स्ट्रीट"


Friday, July 15, 2011

Exhibition in Santorini

''Grey Heavens #1''

''Soliloquy #1''

''Soliloquy #2''

''Soliloquy #3''

''Soliloquy #4''

''Soliloquy #5''

''Soliloquy #6''

''Soliloquy #7''


"As tears go by"

''Imitations of Immortality''


''Nature Boy''

''The Elephant Man''

''Happily Ever''

''Self portrait''

''The Dreamer''


''Fallen Angel''


''Gare de Drama''

"Projection of Dreams"

"The Conductor"

Opening 17th July 2011

more pictures coming soon..

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2011 All rights reserved